Southampton has always been a bustling port hub for ocean liners, and Mack in Southampton has been supplying the ships with fresh produce for as long as anyone here can remember – and beyond!

We’re local and quick to respond, and we’re known for reliability and consistency of service. Over the years you really get to understand the demands of this very particular – and sometimes peculiar – market. It’s not unusual for us to get a call from a cruise line with a specific chef request for a little-known and rare herb, for example. We have to find it and get it on board before the ship leaves. And they can’t make a cruise ship wait.

Our service for ships has expanded to reach where we are today, with our team working from purpose-built facilities near the docks, procuring and delivering a huge variety of products. From meat to dairy, flowers, fish, drinks, dry goods and stores items – you name it, we can supply it! All this, plus load after load of delicious fresh produce too.

The team now works to export directly to the ships wherever they are in the world, and offers a truly seamless international service for these majestic ships.


Nigel Chandler, Mack Ship Stores
40 Oriana Way,
Nursling Industrial Estate, Southampton SO16 0YU
Tel: +44 (0)23 8073 5100