First launched in 2007, Mack Premium Bananas have become one of the most widely available and recognised brands in the UK.

Available 52 weeks of the year, we work with four trusted growers. They’re in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Honduras. This gives us consistency of quality, flexibility and scale.

Mack Premium Bananas arrive in the UK whilst still very green in colour (they’re transported by specialist refrigerated vessels in controlled, dormant conditions) then they’re ripened by experts at our fruit centre in Paddock Wood, Kent. We ripen to a number of colour stages, depending on the customer requirement.


Bananas remain a commodity product and prices are market-driven. They’re usually therefore set daily.

Call +44 (0)23 8074 7570 or email to discuss availability, prices, ripening requirements and delivery. We sell by the pallet only through our central sales desk. Smaller orders can be made through our Mack wholesale branches in Birmingham, Bristol and Southampton.

Mack Birmingham: 0121 622 4111
Mack Bristol: 0117 971 2213
Mack Southampton: 023 8074 7560


Mack Premium Bananas are Cavendish variety, measuring a minimum of 20cm long packed into standard 18kg boxes.

Fruit is packed loose in bunches, with each bunch bearing our Mack Premium finger sticker as a mark of quality. 48 boxes then make up a pallet of Mack Premium Bananas. Bananas should be handled gently, and boxes should be transported with care – all bananas will mark easily.

We recommend you store our banana boxes at 14°C, but never refrigerate them or the bananas will turn grey.


Our growers are all long-established suppliers to Mack in the UK and each is GlobalGAP certified.

We visit each of them frequently to maintain the relationships, check packing facilities, conduct technical audits and to view social projects. Each grower has a number of farms in their region, with the communities in these developing countries relying on the banana industry to help provide social and environmental improvements. We make sure we pay a fair price to our producers, and in turn, that they treat their workers with respect – offering opportunity and reward.